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What is The Social Table?

So glad you asked.

Our humble beginnings involve a small basement kitchen near Times Square where Rebecca (our owner) began teaching the fine people of Manhattan to stop using their ovens to store sweaters and instead, use them to make delicious food. With the dream of being in the kitchen surrounded by friendly faces every night, she started The Social Table in order to bring people together through food and drink. After five successful years she (and The Social Table) decided to move out of The Big Apple and onto The Windy City.

Our goal is to recreate Rebecca’s best memories of growing up – a group of people all sharing in a meal – making it, eating it, talking about it and hazily remembering the good things about it the next morning. At The Social Table we get everyone together in the kitchen to laugh, nosh, drink, chip in, chop, sauté, cook, drink, sneak a bite, plate, shove their faces, drink a little more and find a way to make room for dessert. This is our perfect night, wouldn’t you agree?

Our Team

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Rebecca, Owner


The Big Cheese. Generally fond of making noises to express thoughts, feelings and emotional states. One who cannot live without a pork product or red meat at any meal. Love of bad pop music but owns old vinyl records.

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Eleanore, Business Manager

EleanoreBusiness Manager

Doer of things, organizer of chaos, general reason things get done around here. Has mild hipster tendencies as she makes her own cheese, has a love affair with tempeh and is learning to play the fiddle. Can be found riding her bike all the way to Andersonville for trivia.