kids-image-1Private Parties

Private cooking classes for kids can be scheduled throughout the year for birthdays and other celebrations! We work with you to put together a totally customized, kid-friendly menu that’s delicious and fun to make. All materials are provided – ingredients, utensils, appliances, and aprons. We are able to accommodate 10-14 kids per event. The format works best for kids ages 8 years and older. Events typically run 2 hours total. To schedule, send an email to and we’ll get you set up!

Summer Cooking Camps

Over the summer we hold a series of fun and interactive cooking classes for junior chefs. With our regular chef-instructors, campers make regionally themed menus from start to finish and experience the joy of cooking with new and old friends. Our camps emphasize skill and confidence building in the kitchen. Kids are exposed to a range of new flavors, ingredientskids-image-2, tools, and techniques. At the end of each class, campers sit down around the dining table to enjoy the meal they just created as a team. We keep classes small to maximize participation and every session is totally hands-on. We mean it when we say “come ready to get your hands dirty!”

All levels of experience are welcome! We cover the basics but our menus are involved and exciting for even the seasoned young chef.

Time: Weekdays 10am-1pm. Lunch will be served.
Ages: 9-13
Pricing: $65 per class or $300 for five classes

Classes do NOT need to be taken in same week for discount to apply

Kids Cooking Camp Registration

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4 Waiver
  • Summer BBQ

    • Handmade TST Cheeseburgers with "The Works"
    • Spiced Sweet Potato Fries
    • Fresh Creamed Corn
    • Shortcakes with Strawberries
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Monday June 26th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Monday July 17th

  • Italian Classics

    • Crispy Chicken Parmesan with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese
    • Handmade Orecchiette Pasta with Three Pork Ragu
    • Caesar Salad with Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes & Croutons
    • Shortcakes with Strawberries
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Tuesday June 27th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Tuesday July 18th

  • Taste of Asia

    • Pan Fried Pork Dumplings with Dipping Sauce
    • Udon Noodle Soup
    • Quick Japanese Pickles
    • Fire Cracker Shrimp
    • Vegetable Sticky Rice
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Wednesday June 28th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Wednesday July 19th

  • French Bistro

    • Chicken Cordon Bleu with Prosciutto, Spinach & Cheese
    • Bistro Style Potato-Leek Gratin
    • Grilled Asparagus with Hollandaise
    • Chocolate Pots-de-Crème
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Thursday June 29th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Thursday July 20th

  • East Coast

    • Fish & Chips
    • Aioli Dipping Sauce & Homemade Ketchup
    • Smoky Tomato Soup
    • Sweet Potato Pie
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Friday June 30th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Friday July 21st

  • Tex Mex

    • Chicken Fajitas with Handmade Tortillas
    • Fresh Corn Elotes
    • Build-Your-Own Nachos
    • Tres Leches Cakes
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Monday July 10th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Monday July 24th

  • Fresh Italian

    • Handmade Spaghetti & Meatballs
    • Stuffed Peppers with Breadcrumbs, Herbs & Cheese
    • Caprese Panzanella with Balsamic Reduction
    • Lemon Curd Mousse with Fresh Berries
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Tuesday July 11th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Tuesday July 25th

  • All American

    • Chicken Tenders with Buttermilk Ranch & Honey Mustard
    • Loaded Stovetop Mac & Cheese
    • Brown Butter Broccoli & Parmesan
    • Individual Berry Crumbles with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Wednesday July 12th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Wednesday July 26th

  • Journey to Spain

    • Seafood, Chicken & Chorizo Paella
    • Ham & Manchego Cheese Croquettes
    • Broiled Asparagus with Crispy Prosciutto & Honey-Dijon Vinaigrette
    • Churritos with Chocolate Sauce
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Thursday July 13th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Thursday July 27th

  • Farm-to-Table

    • Heirloom Tomato BLTs with Avocado & Herb Mayo
    • Root Vegetable Chips
    • Corn & Cheese Souffles
    • Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Friday July 14th
  • Price: $65.00 Quantity:
    Friday July 28th